Bantam Midget 19"

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The Bantam Midget is an exact replica of the race car used in the 1939's in New York City. This car could reach speeds of over 150mph!

You can lift the hood and admire the replica of the engine, feel the luxurious leather of the driver's seat and many other cool details.

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Amazingly sophisticated 1:8 scale race cars raced attached to a pole or chain down an inclined wooden race track, reaching speeds in excess of 150 mph... Imagine a corner of the 1939 New York World's Fair. A crowd of thousands masses around a miniature racetrack where race cars are being prepared for a big race. The scream of engines fills the air. A NASCAR, Le Mans, Nuburging mini...

An American pastime; the technology, the cars, the excitement! Spindizzy, named for the dizzying speeds they reached, were inspired by full size race cars. Large-scale, handcrafted miniatures were built by skilled owners, who often spent hundreds of hours on each car. They were true works of art combined with contemporary technology.

Cherished by their owners, they are now coveted by collectors and car enthusiasts around the world. At nearly 20", 50cm, long, the Bantam is an imposing presence in any man's den, library, office or reception area. Genuinely handcrafted, traditionally stamped body parts in aluminum, brass and polished mahogany wood.

Lift the hood; admire the replica engine. Turn the cockpit wheel and tilt the front wheels. Feel the luxurious leather of the driver's seat. It's a touch of automotive history. High-tech nostalgia at its best.


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Bantam Midget 19"


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